Heron at the dock in Bermuda

Rockport Maine to Bermuda


Rockport Maine to Bermuda Offshore. Experience a True Sailing Adventure  

Typically 6 days

Sail from Rockport Maine to Bermuda offshore for a true expedition adventure. Be crew, stand watch on ocean passage. Limited space available fall or spring. Chances are leaving Rockport in the fall, HERON will have already seen snow flurries. Air temps below freezing at times…The first night out is the most  bitter…although the seawater temps offshore are still above 50 degrees F. Every hour the air temperatures improve…1 hour watches at the helm through the first night, 2 hour the second…

Sail Maine to Bermuda Offshore Voyage

As we approach the Gulf Stream 60 hours into the journey, water temps already rise into the mid 60’s. Ideally cross the Gulf Stream with a following breeze. Bermuda is now within reach…
By Day 6 we will have reached Bermuda to the sounds of singing birds, lawns being mowed, welcomes of blooming Oleander and Frangipani……Subtropical Paradise…  

ailing in Town Cut Bermuda

Spring Passage Bermuda to Maine is also available in early June

For more info call CAPT TWIG 207-975-5224   twig390@gmail.com

watch offshore video here


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